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If you want to lose fat and save muscles - starve!

Getting rid of body fat is not an easy task, its loss in muscle gain can be the greatest fitness problem in the life of a skinny person. However, losing weight and gaining muscle mass are two different goals, but it's realistic to achieve both.

Alopecia: why do you lose your hair and how do you treat it?

Hair loss can be seasonal, appear after pregnancy or improper weight loss, due to which the body does not receive useful substances. The disease is not chronic and is eliminated naturally over time.

Why are we sleeping and how are we affected by lack of sleep?

Just one sleepless night causes fatigue and distraction, and sleep deprivation increases the risk of more serious consequences. Regardless of age and gender, sleep is very important for health and vitality.

Why do you have to starve from time to time?

Therapeutic hunger is a type of diet during which the human digestive system does not digest food, its action is focused mainly on removing unnecessary food remains from the body. After such cleansing, the system functions more efficiently, which improves well-being and self-esteem, especially in women.