How to Get Rid your beer belly?

It is said that drinking a lot of beer creates a "beer belly". It is true, but not quite. Excessive accumulation of abdominal fat, which is considered relevant for many men, is not caused by beer, but by the substances contained in this popular drink that stimulate appetite. Such substances are found in the hops that are part of the beer. As a result of their action, people are more inclined to unhealthy, fatty or sweet snacks. Thus, it can be assumed that beer is not a direct cause of excessive abdominal fat; it contributes to the consolidation of bad eating habits. In addition, stress, constant sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise have a complex impact on the set of excess pounds and, as a result, obesity.

How to Get Rid your beer belly?

Correct proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet

One of the bad eating habits is eating too many carbohydrates containing simple sugars. They quickly increase blood glucose levels, but only for a moment. After a short time, a person feels hunger again and feels the need to eat. In addition to sweets, many simple sugars are found even in bread. If there is a purpose to remove the beer belly, you should limit the consumption of bread to two or three slices per day. It is also important to consume carbohydrates contained in potatoes, pasta, rice, for breakfast, in the morning or immediately after workout. Then the body will quickly turn them into energy and use them effectively. The consumption of less beer is a prerequisite for this "diet".

The second common mistake is to eat a lot of fat. Of course, it is impossible to completely abandon it, because fat is necessary for the human body. Useful fats are contained in nuts, olive oil, cottage cheese, meat and fish. Unhealthy and harmful fats are part of fast food, fried food. If you need to remove the beer belly, you should give up unhealthy fats and limit the consumption of more useful ones - they are quite caloric.

The third unhealthy habit is too low protein content in the diet compared to carbohydrates. Protein is a building material for muscles. It is well introduced into the body regularly, several times a day, in the form of fish, lean meat, eggs, yogurt, milk and smoothies. To eat properly and gradually get rid of a beer belly, you also need to eat vegetables at each meal - they strengthen the immune system and contribute to the burning of fat, accelerate metabolism.

Physical activity is a best way to reduce fat.

After a simple workout, you will feel much better, reduce stress levels and burn calories. For daily physical activity you won't even need specialized equipment or a season ticket to the gym - you can train by cycling, walking long distances. Regular swimming, running, playing soccer, or the same tennis will also help you lose weight. You can lose extra pounds during cleaning or other activities, which last from 30 minutes a day.

Physical activity is a best way to reduce fat deposits

By the way, the most effective way to get rid of excess abdominal fat is aerobic exercises. During this exercise, the heart starts to work faster and breathing faster. As a result, oxygen reaches the muscles quickly, which speeds up the metabolism. That is why regular exercise can not only improve the figure, but also strengthen the heart muscles, reduce the risk of heart attack. To get rid of a "beer belly" requires a little willpower, but with the help of the right diet and daily exercise, the effect will not take long.