Taking care of the quality of sleep as a step towards full health and happiness. How to become healthy and merciful?

We spend about a third of our day sleeping. Like water and food, sleep is a necessity for our body, and its quality is an excellent indicator of cognitive and physical health.

Why are we sleeping and how are we affected by lack of sleep?

Just one sleepless night causes fatigue and distraction, and sleep deprivation increases the risk of more serious consequences. Regardless of age and gender, sleep is very important for health and vitality.

What is apathy and how it differs from laziness?

These 7 signs are the most common among people suffering from apathy. It is they that allow you to distinguish a lazy person from the one who really needs the help of both relatives and a specialist.

Multiple sclerosis - symptoms, causes and treatments

Multiple sclerosis is a common disease of the central nervous system, which belongs to the group of inflammatory demyelinating diseases. About 2 million people worldwide suffer from this disease, mostly between the ages of 20 and 40

Emotional burnout syndrome, its symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Emotional burnout syndrome (ESB) is a group of characteristic mental and somatic symptoms that result from chronic stress. This syndrome is commonly referred to as a profession that requires close contact with people.