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Have you ever thought in your life that it is worth doing sports, starting to eat properly, taking care of your health before diseases appear? Perhaps you are looking for a site with interesting information about healthy lifestyles, with posts about psychology, physical culture? For you and your like-minded people, we have launched a new resource "healthforevery.com", which will publish a series of articles about how to be healthy - it is easy and even interesting. Rational training, choice of the right food, preservation of positive thinking - all this is not boring, it is enough just to go deep into the material and rethink your life!

Recent healthy lifestyle Posts

Healthy eating

The theme of healthy eating is more relevant now than ever. Vegetarianism, cheese-eating, a variety of diets, calorie counts that can turn into eating disorders, psychological and physical disorders... Options, at first glance, the right food today is provided incredibly large amounts. What kind of food does the body need to eat to say "thank you" after another breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack? What do I need to add to my diet so that I can effortlessly observe the reduction in the number on my weight and the positive dynamics after measuring with a centimetre ribbon? How do you eat to gain weight and build a dream body? Articles on this subject can be found in the corresponding section, constantly updated with new and informative content.


In today's world, mental health issues are as often discussed as overweight or chronic diseases in adolescents. Psychology is a subtle science that must be studied responsibly. It is said that all diseases - from nerves, and the ability to "reload" in time will be a prevention and cure to save not only friendship or marriage, but also life. In this section of the site you can find the most useful information about psychology for today's people, about taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

Physical culture

In this section you can read the content about how to eat more and not to suffer from the inability to get into your favorite clothes, to climb strictly on the alarm clock to drink a glass of water and do morning gymnastics, to become more energetic and cheerful without coffee, glycine and other doping. Spoiler: you will have to go to the gym or buy dumbbells, hula-hoops and expanders for home training. Especially relevant section will be people who live under the motto "got up in the morning - already tired". If your motivation is a nagging back and neck, pain in the joints, bad posture and lack of any strength to move - this block of content is exactly for you.

Diseases and their treatment

In this section, we publish material that tells you what to do to stay healthy, what kind of lifeflies for health you can fit into your daily routine, how to stay young and start to fully comply with the winged Latin expression "in a healthy body - healthy spirit. Here we will talk about common diseases and their treatment, as well as how to notice the first "bell" of dangerous illnesses in time and what to do in general to prevent standing in endless queues to the doctor, spending this time on something more useful, such as active training or a healthy sleep.