What is apathy and how it differs from laziness?

It is easy to call someone lazy. If a person in our environment wants to spend the whole day without getting out of bed, to neglect domestic activities, to eat ready-made meals, because he does not want to cook anything, almost anyone will call him lazy. However, the truth may be different - a person may experience apathy, in other words, a reduced interest in the world around him. This symptom is often associated with such a common disease as "depression". Apathy is characterized by lack of strength, motivation, immersion in emptiness, constant reflection and unwillingness to do anything. How does apathy manifest itself?

These 7 signs are the most common among people suffering from apathy. It is they that allow you to distinguish a lazy person from the one who really needs the help of both relatives and a specialist.

What is apathy and how it differs from laziness?

1. Do you want to spend the whole day in bed?

Apathy and sleep are two incompatible concepts. You can sleep the prescribed eight hours a day, but still wake up tired, sluggish and without energy. However, eight hours of sleep is rare for those who develop apathy; this symptom is often characterized by insomnia or excessive sleepiness. As a result, the person spends most of the day in bed - either lying down, doing nothing productive, or under a blanket, watching another dream. From the outside everything points directly to the "patented sloth", but in fact apathetic people have absolutely no strength for anything but to lie under the blanket and sleep. However, a person could be the most active person in his environment, but apathy changes life by all 180 degrees.

2. It's hard to get out of bed and not be late.

Sleep problems and endless fatigue are the main reasons for constant delays. The process of waking up in the morning to study or work becomes a further challenge. Not only does a person not feel physically ready to get out of bed, wash, get dressed and leave home, but he simply does not want to do all this. When apathy comes, the feeling of pleasure disappears, just like thoughts about the future, so the prospect of another day turns into a real nightmare. That is why a person can try to stay in a cozy bed as long as possible, which often makes him/her late or not at all at the right time. Late is also due to the fact that an apathetic person most of the activities are slow and in no hurry to even score anywhere.

It's hard to get out of bed and not be late

3. You have to take frequent breaks for rest.

Not everybody knows about it, but apathy affects not only the mood and ability to have fun, but also the psychomotor state, namely, the slowing down of thinking and mobility of the person, his emotional and physical reactions. Therefore, walking and overcoming even short distances is another challenge that can be compared to a marathon of many kilometers. Tiredness and physical weakness in an apathetic person is associated with frequent rest - not only while walking, but also during work or other activities.

4. "Sticking" to the phone screen

It is difficult to overpower yourself and engage in productive activities in case of apathy (not laziness!). It's much easier to get carried away with meaningless scrolling of social networks - it's a great way to pass the time, distract from the state and focus on something else without much effort. This "symptom" is often attributed to laziness.

Sticking to the phone screen

5. Unwilling to do household chores

Another "sign" of a lazy person is neglect of cleaning. However, if a person has never had a problem with cleanliness, and now his apartment looks like a dump, you may start to sound the alarm. Lack of desire to clean can be attributed to a nervous breakdown, fatigue, or a hard period of life, but it can also be apathy, in which physical effort is often impossible.

6. It is much easier to buy ready-made food.

Domestic duties also include cooking. A man with apathy, even if before he loved to cook or could not imagine his life without regular creation of culinary masterpieces, will not be able to find the strength to cook. As a result, there may even be an abyss of appetite, or a person with apathy will eat everything that is already cooked (often - fast food with home delivery). Of course, at this point, a person understands that such food is difficult to fit into a proper diet, but at the moment, their own health is not much more valuable. You only have to eat in order to live, although it is also difficult.

7. Problems with daily hygiene

Such a picture can often be seen in movies with depressive overtones - someone close (mother, partner or friend) takes an apathetic person to the bathroom and washes him while he sits with his hands around his legs. However, cases when someone helps an adult with hygiene are rare. As a result, a person with apathy can rarely take a shower, a few days not to wash his head, not to brush his teeth, wear the same clothes for a few days, no matter what condition he was in.