Exercises to help get rid of neck and shoulder pain

At least once in our lives we all felt an irritating tension or discomfort in the neck after a bad dream, or an unpleasant feeling of squeezing in the shoulders due to sitting work. Many online resources say that a good way to get rid of pain is to stretch your muscles.

However, if you need a long-term solution to the problem of stiffness or discomfort, as well as a preventive way to prevent unpleasant sensations, you should focus not only on the cervical spine, but on the entire chest area.

What can cause discomfort in the neck and shoulders?

What can cause discomfort in the neck and shoulders?

In fact, there are a few things that can disable these areas, thus leading to that too familiar sense of constraint and stiffness. The main reason for the unpleasant sensations is the wrong posture. This serious problem is able to make the head, shoulders and middle back stretch forward, which activates the muscles in this area. As a result, they begin to feel constrained.

Another potential trigger of discomfort in the neck is superficial breathing. People, especially when they are stressed, tend to breathe chest or do it shallow, thus relying on their auxiliary respiratory muscles (upper trapezoidal and thoracic) rather than on the diaphragm (which allows deep abdominal breathing). Because of this, the muscles of the neck and shoulders are stretched, the feeling of shyness and pain increases.

What to do with neck and shoulder pains?

If you are dealing with stiff neck - work on sitting and standing in a flat position (ribs are located directly above the pelvis, and the head - above the ribs), as well as practice exactly diaphragmatic breathing.
Simple exercises also play a big role. The best of them include both static and dynamic options. They help the body to take the right posture, to pull some muscles, thus getting rid of stiffness.

In most cases, a simple neck pain, shyness or discomfort may be enough to think about reducing the unpleasant feelings. But if you have more disturbing symptoms, such as numbness, a tingling sensation in your neck or limbs, you should contact your doctor or physiotherapist to find out what causes the pain.

So, what exercises are suitable to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the neck and shoulders:

  • head turns and tilts to the left and right;
  • pressing the chin to the chest;
  • stretching with lowering shoulders (chin should be directed to the bottom diagonally, at the same time, you should stretch your hand to the floor in the opposite direction);
  • drawing a circle and a semicircle with the chin;
  • extending and retracting the chin back and forth;
  • extending the shoulders forward, pulling them backward, while raising the elbows at the same time;
  • drawing circles with the elbows;
  • raising and stretching the arms, fingers stretching to the floor;
  • gently pushing the head with the hand, its inclination to the opposite shoulder;
  • pushing on the head with the hands glued into the lock, resistance in the opposite direction;
  • repeat the previous exercise, only the hands are on the back of the head;
  • placing the hands with the roll or with the towel rolled over the head, the maximum lowering of the elbows down;
  • moving the hands with the towel rolled behind the head with the body lowered forward at the same time.

You can also apply some yoga postures:

  • Half-tap forward, focus on the wall (legs on the width of the hips at 10-15 cm from the wall, you need to bend the hips and bend forward with a straight back, forming a corner of 90 between the body and legs; palms rest on the wall);
  • from a straight stand with widely spread legs and raised hands to the side to turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right, bend the same leg in the knee, thus forming a right angle, and the other leg should be moved back; from this posture should try to twist the pelvis well, straighten the back and lower shoulders, while trying to maximize the opening of the chest.

All exercises should be done for 30-45 seconds, and on the yoga poses you can delay even for a minute. Only 10 minutes a day will help to significantly reduce the feeling of tightness or even completely get rid of neck and shoulder pain.